Friday, October 2, 2009

Morning Tea

A group of students I've been working with for awhile were nice enough to take me out for tea and brunch recently. We went to Maokong, a mountainy area just south of the city, accessible from the MRT system. From there we wound along the forest and tea fields, passing dozens of quaint tea houses and cafes. Finally we came to their favorite place, a 24 hour traditional-style tea house flanked by a waterfall on one side and a hillside tea plantation on the other.

It was drizzly out but, to me, it seemed life the perfect setting for sipping some tea. They showed me the Chinese way of formally making and serving tea and we tried a lot of tea snacks, followed by the best lunch I've had here yet-- goose and ginger noodles.

Here are a few pics.

Nestled in the hills.

Mmmmm...ginger noodles and mountain vegetables.

Sweet Taiwanese sausages and goose.

The ladies of class EH-2.

No! Lets stay longer!

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