Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Noisy Neighbors--- A Universal Problem

sometimes fireworks are just too loudImage by Malingering via FlickrI've certainly had my fair share of loud neighbors in the past-- from the fraternity guys playing beer pong above me while I was finishing my thesis in Albany, to the young family with the new puppy in Korea--- who would throw him outside whenever he got to loud for them--- but this time is different. Apparently, we're not allowed to complain!

We are in a modest condo-type home but next to us--- one wall only two meters from ours, is a rather large home with a big yard. The only neighbors from this home that have ever come out and waved is a middle aged woman who I suspect is a maid or nanny. I don't mind them keeping to ourselves, in fact, I wish they did so more! Two or three times a month these guys have huge parties. They go all out-- tables and chairs are brought in, a stage is set up with a huge screen for karaoke and dozens of cars line up on our tiny street. These parties are always on weekdays and always go on until the wee hours of the morning--- bad Thai karaoke the whole way through (bad, as in the singing).

Usually we are able to muddle through with earplugs but tonight- no. Tonight they have hired a live band, whose bass is turned up so high that although we cannot hear the vocals, our windows are shaking and my ears keep popping. No kidding.

But can we go over and throw a fit? Plead and beg for mercy?

When we asked our landlady how we should approach our neighbors about this problem she responded "Do not say anything! They will kill you!"

WHAT? They will kill us? Who the @#!% are these people?

So far, no answers-- we've asked around and the guesstimations are split between them being local mafia or actually the head police.

Whoever they are-- they suck. Wish me luck as I try to drug myself to sleep (don't worry. over the counter sleeping pills, no more than the recommended dosage)

P.S. To all you worrywarts out there--- Thai people, in fact, most people on earth, do not randomly kill their neighbors-- I expect these people are no exception. I get the impression that my landlady just wanted to make sure that we didn't do anything stupid, and does not really think we would be killed. Thai people are known for not getting angry or overreacting to things but Westerners are known here as being the opposite-- so they worry about us.

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