Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 weeks in...

... and it feels like home.

Since I don't have my own transportation I hang out in the house all day while Al's at work-- unpacking, arranging and rearranging things, reading and studying for Mongolia, watching things on the net, and basically chilling out! It's pretty nice after what was a stressful last few months in Korea.

Al gets home between 3 and 5 and we usually take off on the motorbike to grab some food or groceries. We do not stock up on a lot of groceries at once because we have a small fridge and an open kitchen which easily attracts bugs. It's ok though, because then we eat a lot of fresh food. Thai food is delicious and cheap and most Western staples are available at the grocery store. On a really hot day (it's been in the 90's as this is the hot season) we go to the big hotel in town to use the swimming pool. We have a kiddie pool as well to chill out in at home.

Our time in Uttaradit will definitely be low-key-- really low-key-- as far as a social life goes, but there is fun to be had here.

We went walking down a dirt road with our flashlights in the dark the other night by the rice paddies but then turned around after we realized there were buffaloes out near us and our flashlights weren't really powerful enough for a night hike.

Checking out the weird bugs and other creatures we find around the house are also a constant source of amusement.

Our friends like to go fishing so we can join them anytime.

There are bars here-- open, wooden, rickety ones and bizzare 70s flashback ones with broken pool tables. So, that's fun.

There are a bunch of things to see around here so we won't run out of local attractions anytime soon. Today we went back to the Sila-at Temple (Wat) that we went to my first weekend and had a leisurely afternoon there. I'll post pics and more details about that in another post.

Al has some days off this week because of school events and a public holiday so we will go to Sukhotai for a day or two and Chiang Mai for a couple of days before I leave for Mongolia--- fun fun!

More later.

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